Joining Rules!!!

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Joining Rules!!!

Post by Loading on Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:10 pm

The joining rules must be respecting by everyone who want to join Deus-Legio.

But the scouting team have the clear things.. Deus Legio isn't based skills clan, we are based on friendship and leaderships. We help both friends and we like to have funs.

Joining rules:

1. Respect everyone around you, even outside of our forums and servers.
2. We don't accept "lamers", spammers, aggresive persons, etc.
3. You haven't to be mature but we accept mature & no-mature people.
4. We do not accept discriminations.
5. Be active on forums & server.

We are open for new applications everyday, there is no joining time.

To help you to patient, the scouting team offer you to know how many time it takes before you get in.

  • After 1 week your application is done, the scouting team will talk of you.
  • It shouldnt take more than a month before the decision is done.

Good luck to you if you are the follow person to join.

**Originally posted by the Shocker himself**

First of all DL --IS NOT-- a skillbased clan. Your dueling skills and stuff dosent matter at all. DL is all about having fun and friendship.

Joining rules are very basic

1. You gotta be nice to people,Both DL and people outside DL

2. Dont be a noob (Lamer,Spammer you get the point =P)

3. Deal with noobs a mature way.

4. Respect people

5. No Racism and simular stuff

6. Be active both in server and forums

You can basicly write tons of stuff,but you know how to be nice and stuff right? =)

There is no Joining time. Each one gets into DL when the times is right (It can be everything from 1 week---> 2 months+)

If you really want to join waiting to get accepted into the clan shouldnt be a problem.

Well that covers it all i guess

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