The Bicycle Thief

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Re: The Bicycle Thief

Post by Storm on Sun May 16, 2010 9:44 am

Falc0n wrote:It is meant to be acted in that way! And the ending is acted as well like that
you got Truman.. and his family and friends and the extas are all actors and are OVERDOING it ( they are doing this on purpose in the movie) same with those commercials in the tv serie Razz

I know, but if you have built a fucking globe that you can see from space JUST to make a show of it, don't you think the actors should be better? They did a horrible job. Like this scene where Truman (after he went crazy with his wife) sits on the table being depressed and all of a sudden his wife holds up a coffea jar and says "Why don't you take this coffea? It's bla bla made with real bla bla bla no additives" just to show some 'hidden' advertisement to the viewers. She should've used common sence and comfort him instead. Truman get even more suspicious when she does it that way. That's just one example of like 5 others.



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Re: The Bicycle Thief

Post by Falc0n on Sun May 16, 2010 9:56 am

Well thats the style of the movie ( i know what you mean btw) they did that on perpose so they could show truman as the only REAL person in there! But i prefer acting realstic as well! but its just the movie style they choose for! ( stays a good movie) i love it when he finds out Very Happy

Btw i saw 1408 yesterday tis a okay movie :O! I love the actor John cusack so i wanted to see this movie! The idea is just horrorfying but some parts could be done better.. also the scare effects were there sometimes but i liked the idea of going mad and stuff ! He played that pretty good.. because its soooo hard playing infront of nobody.. if you dont have fellow actors who can support you! and samuel jacksons name is on the poster/cover and stuff and he is like in the movie for 5 min:S.. so its for attention... Also the ending was well uhm i liked it but also i wanted more ( there is an alternative ending so thats pretty awesome)


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lol falcon you pretty funny but i think [J]0úL - Xzi is crazy how about u he should go to rehab he is addicted to crazy drugs. lol lolipoplol lolpoo

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