Movie Making Guide

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Movie Making Guide

Post by Storm on Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:24 am

Ok, so how do you record ingame?
It's easy, just follow this quick 'Moving Making Guide' and you'll do fine, trust me

First, what capturing tool(s) should i use?
There's many tools you can use, for example, Camtasia Studio 2 (Payment required), Fraps (Free) or GameCam (Free).

Me, myself, use Fraps because it gives you a little bit higher quality movies and better compability than GameCam or Camtasia. So i strongly recommend Fraps as your major capturing tool.
If you download the trial you will only be able to record for 30 seconds, but of course you can buy the full version.
You can make clips under 30 sec so you can get them together later on.
Remember, this is for PC only, not Mac.

Second, which movie editing tools should you use?
Many uses Windows Movie Maker for editing. because it's simple, basic and free. You can import sounds and line up the music. Usually this takes alot of time and effort but it depends on how long the video is.
Me, myself use it and i have never had a problem with it.

Get WMM at

Third, the movie is done. How do i compress it?
I recommend this two sites,
It's important that you compress your video (my favourite)

"Video compression refers to reducing the quantity of data used to represent video images" (Wikipedia)

Fourth and last, how do i upload my video?
Here's also two links you can go to,


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